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    56 anni Bucuresti


56 anni, Bucuresti

"I am an excellent cook, sometimes I sew or weave my own clothes because I like to be creative; I am beautiful inside and I seek to maintain beauty through positive thoughts. I am romantic, passionate, I put my soul into everything I do. I like to take care of my physical body and that of my boyfriend, to help those who ask me for help, even if sometimes it requires a lot of physical and mental effort, I like to write poems and ... I love the flower scent. I have a 30-year-old daughter and an other one who is 27-year-old."





  1. Interessi, hobby

    walks, movies, dancing, I like to read books and take care of the flowers in the garden

  2. Relazione desiderata

    First to get to know each other, then to feel loved. And then I let the good God to inspire our relationship.

  3. La persona che stai cercando

    To be truly a man in everyday life, to be clear, and to let the truth triumph even if sometimes it hurts; lying hurts more. I love children and if he have them, it's an extra flower in our life

L'opinione di Cupido

A woman who knows what she wants from life and how to get it. Solar, smart, positive, spontaneous, energetic, with wonderful eyes that know how to look far beyond appearances. She loves life, nature and people and she knows how to live beautifully. She now has the time and availability to rebuild her happiness. She appreciates authentic values ​​and spirituality and she looks much younger then her age. A really nice woman, thawed, always lively and well-disposed, generous, in whose presence you can never get bored.