• Cris

    43 years Bucuresti


43 years, Bucuresti

"I am a romantic girl hoping to meet a special man. People generally say that I am a sweet and comforting presence, intelligent and provocative but also silent and meditative. My friends say that I am a good listener and speaker, a trustful friend on whom you may count, full of energy and enthusiasm . In my private life I am warm and tender, passionate. I am a harmony lover and I care about the others. I love music, nature and children. I am a sensitive, communicative person who needs to express in many ways. I like to dance, to write, to draw, to travel. I love arts a lot. I like to study colours, shadows, depths, contrasts and details both in visual arts and in people`s souls. Well ...I have many dreams: to create new things, to be in real contact with people, to provide harmony and agreement, to travel and meet new people... but the most important dream I have is to be with you my love! To create for you and with you, to share the (inner and outer) voyages, the richness of our souls! To dance, eat, walk, talk with you. To sing, to draw for you. To share our intimacy and sensuality, to create together a wonderful life! That doesn`t mean that we have to be together all the time . We will probably have different professions. But when we will be together I would like to share with you the best. I wait for you and hope you exist! "

About me




  1. Hobby

    Graphic, dance, reading, poetry, art, selfknowing, the spiritual dimension of life

  2. Desired relationship

    Authenticity, sincerity, love; in the future marriage and children.

  3. Desired person

    I search for a creative and dynamic man.