• Florela

    53 years Cluj-napoca


53 years, Cluj-napoca

"I am a cheerful person, although I have gone through many hard moments in life. I love to practice yoga, and I hope that this will be respected. I am faithful in my relationship, and when I feel loved, I like to pamper my lover, to dance for him and I like to laugh together. I like to walk in nature, to have an oasis of peace somewhere in the country side"

About me




  1. Hobby

    dance, yoga, nature, music

  2. Desired relationship

    Long lasting, stable relationship

  3. Desired person

    Man about the same age as me, who values the truth, is open to spirituality, tender, intelligent, has the sense of humor and good physical appearance, who also wants a long-term relationship, who can love me sincerely and receive my sincere love

Cupid's opinion

I met Florela in March 2024 and I took these few pictures with my phone, without adding any filter or doing any subsequent processing. She really looks very good in reality, and she tells me that this is due to the fact that she practices yoga. I also see a certain stable harmony and a beautiful and healthy lifestyle that she has, as well as a great joy to live and share. It was simply a delight to talk with her, she is a very sweet girl with a golden soul. She is not super sophisticated but she is refined, she is communicative and deep, serious but also funny. She is very motivated to find her soul mate, wherever he would be.