• Cristian

    51 anni Bucuresti/new Jersey, Usa


51 anni, Bucuresti/new Jersey, Usa

"I am an educated man and I am more mature than I look. I act according to occidental principles, since I grew up and I was educated in the USA, where I also received my university education and diploma. I am transparent and direct and polite in my discussions and in my behavior. I like being balanced, which is why I enjoy fitness as much as I enjoy philosophy; it is important for me to hear the opinions of others, so that I can have a dialog with them. I do not spend my time in nightclubs or in bars, so please do not stereotype me. I do not show off and I am not a part of those who try to stand out as rich and important in this city. I prefer tranquility, discussions, walks, films and trips."





  1. Interessi, hobby

    Literature, fitness, philosophy, conversations, debates, cars, walks, traveling, nature, animals

  2. Relazione desiderata

    A long term relationship, based on understanding and harmony.

  3. La persona che stai cercando

    An attractive woman, but beauty is not the only important characteristic; I would like her to be intelligent, educated, and mature.