• Daniela

    53 anni Bucuresti


53 anni, Bucuresti

"My friends consider I am a very trustful person, doing things well, not with half measures, and I also dont like half measures at me or the others. I know how to give up when is better to do so, but I do not do so all the time. In life I succeeded through my own power and now that my son is 18 y.o. I start to think more about my future and to take care of myself. I am loved by my friends, because I am communicative, with the sense of humour, flexible and I can easily adapt evrywere."





  1. Interessi, hobby

    Travels, sport, trips, cooking, gardening, art, dance.

  2. Relazione desiderata

    Mutual understanding, long term relation.

  3. La persona che stai cercando

    I am looking for someone mature, trustful, honest, able to respect me. He can have children, physical appearance is not important.