• Lily

    55 anni Campina


55 anni, Campina

"I feel good in the middle of the nature, but also in a museum, a library or a showroom. I have the patience to listen the people and I'm always trying to understand them. I like to dance, to be a happy woman, to learn everyday something new. I don't look for the challenges, but I hardly give up. I believe we are born with a gift and a mission in this world, which can't be accomplished by one alone."





  1. Interessi, hobby

    Travels in the mountains and in historical places, psychology, sciences, all that is new.

  2. Relazione desiderata

    A relation in which I can find protection and respected. I want the man near me to be my best friend, a good husband and a lover for me, in the same time.

  3. La persona che stai cercando

    A man with a sharp and open mind, but honest, with a good and warm soul, well balanced, with the sense of humour; someone who enjoys to work and to have fun, dancing, making trips, etc. I am looking for a person between 40-52 years.