Virgil, Clifton, New Jersey, 52 years, 1.90 m, 95 kg

"... Pretty easy guy, what you see is what you get.Hard working and know how to appreciate life. ..."

Lorenzo, Foggia,, 55 years, 1.87 m, 94 kg

"... sono molto calmo, dolce,tranquillo,razionale, affettuoso,sensuale,laborioso,onesto,non bevo, non fumo,sono molto caldo, ..."

Bogdan, Bucuresti, 46 years, 1.73 m, 65 kg

"... My purpose: "Absoluty happiness, a lot of fun and humour!" ..."

Filaret, Bucuresti, 53 years, 1.78 m, 85 kg

"... I'm romantic, with the sense of humour, joyful and full of life. ..."

Gianpaolo, Milano, Lombradia, 54 years, 1.83 m, 110 kg

"... Interesting, clever, sweet, likeable and ... modest :-))) ..."

Ray, Toronto, Ontario, 52 years, 1.85 m, 105 kg

"... I am happy, healthy, very successful, very passionate, love life, very sociable person... I speak some Romanian (not fluent). I have many Romanian friends in Romania, Canada, US, caribbean... ..."

Jonathan, Empoli, Toscana, 43 years, 1.72 m, 75 kg

"... dolce romantico e coccolone ..."

Gianluca, Lendinara, Veneto, 52 years, 1.65 m, 75 kg

"... sono una persona solare, con tanta voglia di farmi una famiglia, avere dei bambini ..."

Ramiro, Bucuresti, 40 years, 1.71 m, 60 kg

"... I'm still a dreamer, romantic. ..."

Darren, Hemphill, Tx, 50 years, 1.80 m, 112 kg

"... I am a very easy going person. I travel a lot due to my profession. I'm in the process of changing careers since I now graduated from college. I'm in the process of getting divorced and I am legally separated and share joint custody of Destiny (my 3... "

Adrian, Cisnadie, 54 years, 1.83 m, 71 kg

"... Sunt un om simplu... ..."

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