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Tetsuro (Italy) and Alina (Romania) - met and married in 2004
Tetsuro & Alina
    An exceptional meeting of two exceptional persons. To celebrate it, seems that...
Mirela and Alex
Mirela & Alex
    When Alexandru called Mirela for the first time, after receiving her...
Stefan and Cris
Stefan & Cris
    After a divorce, when you are a single parent and you have a 6-7 year...
Stela (Romania) and Raffi (Switzerland) met and married in 2006
Stela & Raffi
    a story by Daniela Bogdan  When I met Raffi at the agency office, I...

An agency with tradition

An agency with tradition

    Venera Agency is 24 years old and has a solid and daily updated data base, comprising persons who are really motivated to find their mate. Here you can find many beautiful women and interesting profiles. You take benefit of a quality service, usually successful and strictly personalized, without risks or unpleasant surprises. Most of the Western men who came in Romania to find their mate through this service succeeded. Along the years we got the chance of appearing on TV and on radio stations as well as in the press, so we are already well known in Romania. We only work with persons who want serious love/marriage relationships. We get to know personally those who register themselves with our agency and we organize dates only when there is a real interest of both parties, after the two persons have already seen the pictures and personal data.

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