Tetsuro (Italy) and Alina (Romania) - met and married in 2004

    An exceptional meeting of two exceptional persons. To celebrate it, seems that the Universe created a series of exceptional events. A series of 10s. 

    First of all, 10 is the mark for their quality as human beings and also for their relationship. Her birthday is on the 10th of February, their first meeting happened on the 10th of March.

     Then, an overflow of ceremonies happening on the 10th of the month. 

    In June, for exchanging engagement rings in Rome at San Pietro followed by a celebration in two on a wild beach with a bottle of wine. 

    In July, "Tetsuro tresoro" ("Tetsuro my treasure") as Alina calls him and "my very important Alina "as Tetsuro considers her, had the official wedding in Romania with Alina wearing a fairytale wedding dress.

    Then, after 8 month, a Shinto traditional wedding in a temple in Sapporo, Japan with fit to occasion, personalized kimonos.

    And it seems also that they know how to celebrate each day in an extraordinary way to remind them how fortunate they are being together. Well, the way the Aquarius persons know to do it…

    Most of us are asking ourselves which is the mystery behind those miracles.

    In that case is love, a sincere desire to meet the real one, hope and trust. But also offering others the best of what you could be or become.

    Tetsuro… An open minded person, with a golden soul, balanced, humble, polite and very romantic. He speaks three European languages in addition to the native Japanese. Makes lots of jokes and laughs with all his heart. He deared to look for the chosen one. At our marriage agency he saw the picture of Alina among others in our album with girls that wanted to get married. And he remained speechless with his heart intensely beating. Then, words of adoration: what a treasure, a sweetheart, what a wonder! Warring if she will accept him. But the letters he wrote to her and then the way he managed to prove his qualities fully convinced her.

    Alina… Very refined. Both lawyer and model meaning both beautiful and intelligent. Blond, thin, long legged with big eyes. And of a vast education and curiosity. Language and cultural differences mend no barrier for her. And she addressed to Tetsuro with Japanese words at their very first meeting. What a happy moment for a sensitive man like him. And the surprise for her was to meet someone that made her feel again like a teenager in love. 

    You know the rest of the story but maybe is good to mention that is a never ending happy story because both of them know how to write and re-write it each day.

    Tetsuro offers her each day a rose because a rose accompanied the wedding ring when he presented it to Alina. But now, the way Alina will receive the rose is a surprise for her each day. Well …this is the way the Aquarius persons know to do it.

                                                                                                                 Story by Daniela Bogdan

Original letter from Tetsuro, April, 8 2004 to Daniela Bogdan

Ciao cara Daniela, Grazie della tua lettera.

E` passato molto tempo da quando ci siamo sentiti l` ultima volta.Come stai? Tutto a posto? Penso che ormai tu sappia che noi due, cioe` , Alina ed io ci siamo fidanzati! Due giorni dopo del nostro primo incontro, io le avevo chiesto di essere la mia fidanzata e, lei l` ha accettato. Per fortuna ci siamo piaciuti subito quando ci siamo incontrati per la prima volta nella tua agenzia, dopo di cio` , tutto e` andato molto bene.

Noi abbiamo tante cose in comune : i modi di pensare, ragionare, anche i gusti per delle cose. A dire il vero, sono stato di nuovo a Bucharest recentemente ( dal 2 al 5 aprile) e siamo usciti insieme tutti i giorni ed abbiamo passato un tempo bellissimo. Piu` parliamo, piu` scopriamo cose in comune. Noi ci amiamo e siamo molto felici adesso. E` veramente incredibile!

Io ti devo ringraziare davvero per avermi fatto conoscerla. Spesso parliamo anche di te che,secondo Alina, avevi insistito che io sono una persona speciale (grazie! ) e che sarebbe stato meglio conoscermi anche se allora lei era in un periodo un po` difficile sia per sua madre cheper le cose personali. Grazie alla tua insistenza, lei ha rivolto la sua attenzione verso di me e cosi abbiamo potuto iniziare la corrispondenza tradotta da te, ed il resto e` ......

Insomma, tu sei stata il nostro Cupido!

Durante Pasqua, io resto qui in Italia ma intanto auguro BUONA PASQUA anche a te ed ai tuoi.

Di nuovo, ti ringrazio di cuore.


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Tetsuro (Italy) and Alina (Romania) - met and married in 2004
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