Oana and Bjorn - a story by Daniela Bogdan

    Bjorn from Switzerland and Romanian Oana are a proof that real love and relationships bloom at no matter what age and in no matter how difficult circumstances  

    This is a story about a man that stays for as an example of unexpected courage and love that are consciously manifested

    Both of them were at the age of their third youth as they admitted themselves, yet still looking for a mating soul, for a warm presence to share the gifts of future live.

    Bjorn: a successful man, a retired university teacher of 63 years that settled in a magnificent alpine corner of Switzerland. Highly determined to find the perfect match woman for him, He will also prove himself to be a very special man, polite, tender, wise and most of all a loving one. 

    Oana: a special woman at an age of 52, with a pure heart. She almost abandoned the hope to begin a new relation because of her not so happy past and a sort of lack of confidence, easy to understand in those circumstances. She will eventually be a favorite of the fate and overpass her limits.

    Their story begun on the Valentine’s Day when Bjorn, after our agency’s site had arisen his special interest, called us asking if Oana would like to exchange letters with him. Instead of a great enthusiasm, I’ve got a surprisingly silence from her when I called to present Bjorn’s invitation to her. But soon I’ve understood that SHE COULDN’T SIMPLY BELIVE HER EARS that a man really likes and wants her …and he perfectly corresponds to her requirements: not smoker, tall, educated, nature lover, serious and so on..

    The next sequence of events seems to be part of a fantastic movie: Oana presented to our agency accompanied by her 80 years, very dominant mother who immediately started to criticise and influence Oana’s opinion. 

    Their answer was rough in spite of the consistent, full of compliments letter from Bjorn: YES, BUT ONLY if he will accept to learn Romanian and move to live together with both of them in a Romanian countryside remote village.

    A big ‘wow’ was my first reaction and an image appeared to me:  any pretender running away from such a dictatorial mother-in-law. At that time maybe the unique chance of Oana to attend a happy couple future seemed compromised.

    Follows the unbelievable and remarkable reaction of Bjorn, in three different letters: one, full of love and hope for Oana; a second, warm and full of understanding for her mother, assuring her that she will not be left apart after his marriage with Oana;  the third one for me, asking to buy flowers and chocolates for both ladies.

    Second light stroke: after the seducing gesture of Bjorn, Oana decided to open her heart and sincerely tell him that she suffered a long term state of depression that required treatment and even made her retired. She simply felt unable to involve in any relationship. She was really sorry that his proposal did not arrive earlier in her life. 

    The confirmation of a noble heart: in response, Bjorn warmly encouraged and supported Oana to dear for her dream especially because of her problem. 

    An unbelievable but sublime and perfectly true happy end: that answer made Oana’s usually reticent, sad and chilly appearance to fade. The beauty of her real being, the radiance of love bloomed on her face again while accepting Bjorn. When they first met at the agency on the 8th of March (beautiful present for her on women’s day) they embrace like two lovers, as if they have ever loved each other and waited for that encounter.

    Final note: nobody could anticipate or judge different situations and human reactions, especially those involving love and emotions. Better simply be love’s messenger, observing and admiring the beauty within it… and the certain beauty of some people’s personality. 

                                                                                    a story by Daniela Bogdan

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