Terms and conditions

    This service is only for serious people with a certain socio-cultural level, so problems are rare, but it is always good to be preventive. Here's how we protect you and how you can protect yourself from all kinds of embarrassment:

    First of all, nobody will know your real identity or modalities to contact you before you decide on this (you have details on the privacy page)

    Secondly, we suggest you to always choose always for the first meetings public spaces. If you prefer you can have the meetings in our office, or you can choose a coffee shop, a restaurant, etc.

    Thirdly, it is the interest of each user to make only statements that are consistent with reality in his profile. If you still find inaccurate things, please notify us immediately.

    We reserve the right to remove any person from the database as soon as we discover that he or she has been lying to us or had an improper behavior.

    If you meet someone who does not speak well your language and you doubt that you can communicate well, you can ask us to assist you with the translation.

    It is essential to remember to announce us to delete your profile from the site once you have started a relationship with someone. You certainly do not want the new boyfriend or new girlfriend to discover you in this posture of person who is still looking for new meetings. 
Do not worry : "And if I delete my profile and then my new relationship does not work?" We promise you that in such situations we will reactivate your profile without paying any other fees. Example: You paid the inscription fee for 7 months and after 3 months you start a relationship. Call us immediately to suspend your profile on the site, and it will not appear online, but it will be in our archive. If the relationship you have started does not evolve in the desired direction and you break up, even if it has been 3 years since you registered with us, we will reactivate your profile for another 4 months without paying anything extra, and you will benefit from all rights member.

    While using this service, please report any kind of situation that seems strange to you. We promise that we will not continue to work with people who do not behave nicely. In 23 years of activity we only had 3 strange situations, so chances to meet any problems are virtually negligible.

    We hope you have a great experience here!